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Getting to know Stylage Fillers

Check out one of the hottest dermal filler products in the industry with Stylage Fillers. With their range of products, you’re guaranteed to find the one that suits your needs.

What are Stylage Fillers?

Stylage is a line of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that is created by Laboratoires Vivacy which is based in Paris, France. Their range of products all contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid as the main component with differing concentrations in order to make sure there is a right consistency of dermal filler for the right area. They’ve also added mannitol as an antioxidant to slow down the degradation of the hyaluronic acid, and they come with versions with lidocaine in order to keep the procedures comfortable for the users.

What are the different kinds of Stylage Fillers?

Stylage has come up with a different formulation for different needs:

  • Stylage S formula has a thinner concentration, making it perfect for more sensitive areas under the face like under the eyes and for superficial wrinkles around eyes, eyebrows, mouth and cheeks.
  • Stylage M is a bit more dense, making it more useful for other applications like shaping and for reaching deeper layers of the skin tissue.
  • Stylage L formula has an even denser structure, allowing it to be the best for treating extremely deep wrinkles. The added density also makes it useful against volume loss.
  • Stylage XL & XXL are the most concentrated formulations that make them the best for facial volume restoration, augmentation, and contour creation.
  • Stylage Special Lips is specifically created for lips as the lips have unique challenges when using regular dermal fillers due to having a different quality of skin and having more blood vessels. This can help in adding volume, contouring, smoothing fine lines, and hydration..
  • Stylage Hydro and Hydromax are more for the hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid rather than adding volume or contouring. These have lesser concentration of hyaluronic acid, but they can still help in keeping skin looking young by making sure the skin cells are hydrated.

How do Stylage fillers work?

Stylage uses hyaluronic acid with a unique cross-linking process called  IPN-like technology (IPN stands for interpenetrated cross-linked networks). This uses hydrogen bridges to add structure to the hyaluronic acid without having to use a lot of chemical cross-linkers.

The hyaluronic acid works by hydrating the skin due to its hydrophilic properties and by adding volume and filling in wrinkles in higher concentrations. Since it is a naturally occurring substance in the body and because Stylage uses non-animal derived hyaluronic acid, side effects and possible complications are kept to a minimum.

Aside from the special cross-linking process of the hyaluronic acid component, the addition of mannitol also prolongs the effects of the dermal filler by protecting it from free radicals. This is because mannitol is a natural antioxidant.

Finally, the addition of Lidocaine helps make the process more comfortable and painless for the patient.

All of these factors contribute to making Stylage one of your best choices for a safe, effective, and long lasting solution for everything from fine lines, skin hydration, to deep wrinkles and volume loss. Check out these products in our online store now!