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Intraline Mono M3038, 30G 38mm/50mm

30G 38mm/50mm 20 threads


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Intraline Mono Threads are polydioxanone (PDO) threads designed to provide bio revitalization and facial rejuvenation. These threads are smooth monofilaments that promote collagen synthesis and produce a visible tightening and lifting effect in areas where they are placed thread lift.

The procedure achieves the effects of a rhytidectomy in a minimally invasive approach. It entails the lifting of skin and encourages dermal remodelling to improve skin tone and texture. This technique involves the subcutaneous insertion of threads into the treatment area, which is then tightened. The threads mechanically lift and tighten sagging skin instantly.

This correction is then further maintained and improved by the formation of new collagen that is deposited in the treated area.

This product is applicable to fine wrinkles, crow’s feet and drooping eyelid.

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