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Croma PhilArt Eye

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Introducing PhilArt Eye by Croma, a revolutionary product poised to transform the field of periorbital rejuvenation. In a world where tired-looking eyes are a common concern due to factors like lack of sleep, excessive stress, and inadequate hydration, individuals are constantly searching for effective solutions. Traditional products primarily relying on hyaluronic acid (HA) tend to cater only to those with under-eye hollowing, leaving many others without suitable options.

However, with the emergence of regenerative aesthetic medicine, a new era has dawned. Croma – PhilArt Eye leads the way in this exciting domain, offering a breakthrough product that combines regenerative technologies with the demands of the aesthetic sector.

PhilArt Eye caters to the diverse needs of patients seeking aesthetic treatments for the periorbital area. It goes beyond mere wrinkle reduction, addressing concerns such as crow’s feet, eyebrow ptosis, and even drooping of the upper eyelids. Striking the perfect balance between efficacy and safety, the product features low concentration PN-HPT® formulations (15 mg/2 ml = PhilArt Eye), specifically recommended for delicate and sensitive facial skin, including the periorbital region. By stimulating fibroblast cell growth, matrix production, and granulation tissue formation through connective tissue growth factors, PhilArt Eye achieves remarkable results without causing undue swelling or excessive pulling. The distinct 15 mg in 2 ml protocol of PhilArt Eye ensures optimal outcomes, particularly in the delicate periocular area.

Clinical studies have shown remarkable improvements, with over 90% of patients experiencing a noticeable reduction in fine, superficial wrinkles and a rejuvenated overall skin appearance. Notably, even severely sagging areas of the periocular skin displayed visible tightening. These impressive results have been further validated through objective evaluations utilizing state-of-the-art 3D skin analysis.

Key Anatomical Areas:

  • Eye contour area
  • Arches of the eyebrow
  • Sensitive and delicate skin areas

PhilArt Eye is not just a cosmetic solution; it represents a groundbreaking approach to skin enhancement. Designed to improve the quality and radiance of younger patients’ skin, it serves as an anti-aging treatment or a preventive measure. For more mature patients, PhilArt Eye elevates skin structure and overall elasticity, achieving remarkable results. Additionally, it acts as a bio-reactivating primer, preparing the skin for other aesthetic procedures, such as laser treatments, radio frequency, fillers, peels, needling, and surgery. By employing a skin enhancement technique (SET), PhilArt Eye synergistically optimizes the skin’s response to subsequent treatments, enhancing their efficacy.

Injection Protocol and Technique:

  • Administer 1-2 ml per session
  • Conduct one session every 14 or 21 days, with a recommended total of 3-4 sessions
  • Employ a serial puncture technique, ensuring injections are spaced out by 0.5 to 1 cm using a linear retrograde technique

To facilitate optimal usage and ensure patient satisfaction, comprehensive training is available for healthcare professionals, empowering them to master the precise application of PhilArt Eye and its injection technique.

Embark on a transformative journey towards periorbital rejuvenation with Croma – PhilArt Eye. Experience the fusion of professionalism and warmth as you embrace refreshed, vibrant eyes through this remarkable product.

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