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Croma PhilArt Next

1×2 ml


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Presenting PhilArt Next, an innovative biostimulator crafted by Croma-Pharma that sets a new standard in skin rejuvenation. This remarkable injectable gel harnesses the power of long-chain polynucleotides to create an ideal environment for the production and growth of fresh collagen, imparting superior hydration properties and shielding against the harmful effects of free radicals. With its primary objective of rejuvenating and enhancing skin quality, PhilArt Next also provides vital support in restoring skin elasticity.

Meticulously manufactured through advanced polynucleotide high purification technology (PN-HPT) derived from pristine freshwater fish, PhilArt Next exemplifies an unwavering commitment to producing a high-quality product with safety at its core.

The key benefits of PhilArt Next encompass its ability to revitalize mature and dehydrated skin on the face while effectively addressing areas marred by scars and acne scars.

Each package of PhilArt Next includes a 1 x 2ml pre-filled syringe containing 20mg (10mg/ml) of the injectable gel, designed for intradermal administration, ensuring precise and targeted application.

Noteworthy anatomical areas for treatment include the face (including tear trough deformities), neck, and hands, as these areas significantly benefit from the transformative effects of PhilArt Next.

The primary purpose of this remarkable biostimulator extends beyond standalone therapy. Its unique combined formulation enables a synergistic action that significantly enhances skin hydration, fosters fibroblasts for improved elasticity, trophism, firmness, tone, and overall appearance. Furthermore, PhilArt Next boasts exceptional capabilities in remodelling striae distensae and depressed scars, forming an integral part of personalized treatment protocols. As a Skin Enhancement Technique (SET), it primes the skin, generating a synergistic effect and preparing it for other aesthetic procedures such as laser treatments, radio frequency, fillers, peels, needling, and surgery. In addition, PhilArt Next primes dermal fibroblasts, ensuring their full activation over subsequent treatment sessions.

When administering PhilArt Next, it is recommended to inject the gel at an intradermal depth, maximizing its targeted impact on the skin.

Treatment protocols and injection techniques include the administration of 2 ml per session, with sessions scheduled every 14 or 21 days. For normal skin, a total of 3 sessions is recommended, while advanced aging skin may benefit from 4 sessions. The use of needle microdroplet or linear retrograde techniques ensures precise and controlled delivery of the biostimulator.

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