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MaiLi Extreme



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MaiLi Extreme

MaiLi by Sinclair Pharma is a line of hyaluronic acid-based innovative skin fillers. Their uniqueness is testified by a unique, patented formula that enables to achieve a soft, flexible and smooth gel. It is possible thanks to a production process during which long chains of hyaluronic acid are being transformed. Thanks to that, MaiLi Extreme deals perfectly with filling out even deep defects and highlighting of chosen face areas.


An innovative OxiFree technology was used for production of MaiLi Extreme. As a result, the preparation is pressure resistant, remaining very plastic at the same time. Thanks to that, the gel moves naturally under the skin without disturbing the natural mimic of the patient. The natural effect that lasts for at least one year is guaranteed! 


MaiLi Extreme is dedicated to patients who need a deep filling of tissues and wish to keep natural appearance at the same time. The preparation contains lidocaine, thanks to which the treatments with the use of the latter are comfortable and practically painless! Hyaluronic acid that is the base of MaiLi Extreme is safe for human body and entirely biodegradable. This product was created having in mind:


  • face volumetry treatments,
  • cheeks, jawline and chin modelling,
  • treatments the purpose of which is to achieve a harmonic profile of the face,
  • reconstruction of face structural defects produced as a result of lipodystrophy induced by HIV.


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