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Understanding Juvederm Volbella: A Comprehensive Guide

Juvederm Volbella, a part of the Juvederm family of dermal fillers, is crafted using advanced Vycross Technology. Known for its low viscosity, this hyaluronic acid filler is designed to be soft and spreadable, ensuring seamless integration with treated tissue. Despite its benefits, many patients are unfamiliar with what Juvederm Volbella can achieve compared to other Juvederm products. This guide provides an in-depth look at Juvederm Volbella, its applications, and how it compares with other Juvederm fillers.

Applications and Techniques for Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella is primarily indicated for lip enhancement and correcting wrinkles around the mouth. Studies have shown it to be as effective as Restylane-L, with less swelling. For lip treatments, Juvederm Volbella is best used subcutaneously to coat the orbicularis oris muscle in the cutaneous lip and vermillion, hydrating and filling fine perioral lines naturally.

Additional Applications

Besides lips and perioral wrinkles, Juvederm Volbella can address superficial wrinkles in other areas, including:

  • Glabella region
  • Forehead
  • Tear trough region
  • Decollete
  • Oral commissures
  • Crow’s feet lines
  • Infraorbital hollowing
  • Fine cheek accordion lines

Injection Techniques

Juvederm Volbella can be administered with a needle for targeted lines or with a cannula to minimize bruising and swelling, especially in sensitive areas like the under-eye region. Suitable techniques include:

  • Tunneling
  • Serial puncture
  • Fanning
  • Combination of techniques

Comparing Vycross and Hylacross Technologies

The Juvederm portfolio includes products manufactured using either Vycross or Hylacross technology. Vycross products (Voluma, Vollure, Volbella) consist of a mix of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, while Hylacross products (Ultra, Ultra Plus) are made of highly cross-linked high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. These differences affect their behavior in tissue and clinical effects.

Advantages of Vycross Technology

  • Minimal Swelling: Vycross products do not expand as much when implanted, reducing swelling.
  • Predictable Results: Both practitioner and patient can expect consistent outcomes.
  • Low Tyndall Effect: Vycross products diffuse easily, minimizing the risk of a bluish hue under the skin.
  • High Malleability: Vycross products, with their high G prime and low cohesivity, offer better malleability compared to Hylacross products.

Juvederm Volbella vs. Other Vycross Fillers

Unique Properties of Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella stands out within the Vycross range due to its:

  • Low hyaluronic acid concentration (15mg/ml)
  • Low G prime
  • Low cohesivity

These properties make Volbella the thinnest and most spreadable of the Vycross formulations, ideal for superficial injection into lips, perioral lines, and minor wrinkles.

Comparative Analysis

  • Voluma: Suitable for deep injections to volumize and lift the skin.
  • Vollure: Treats severe wrinkles while maintaining facial dynamics.
  • Volbella: Best for superficial corrections with a natural finish.

Juvederm Volbella vs. JUVÉDERM® ULTRA XC

Juvederm Volbella: Thin, spreadable, ideal for subtle lip enhancements and fine lines.

JUVEDERM® ULTRA XC: More cohesive, suitable for adding fullness to thin lips and correcting medium to deep facial wrinkles.

Both products have similar durations of action (about one year). The choice depends on the patient’s aesthetic goals and should be guided by an experienced injector.


Juvederm Volbella is a valuable addition to the Juvederm family, particularly for superficial placement and subtle corrections. Its minimal swelling and high malleability make it ideal for delicate areas like the under-eye and forehead regions. By understanding its unique properties and applications, practitioners can better advise patients and achieve optimal results with this advanced dermal filler.

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