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Belotero Revive

1 x 1ml prefilled syringe


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What is Belotero Revive?

Belotero Revive is an innovative product intended for experienced professionals who provide beauty treatments. Produced by using patented dynamic cross-linking technology, Belotero Revive hydrates, firms and rejuvenates the skin.

Belotero Revive contains 17.5 mg/ml of glycerol and 20 mg/ml of dynamic cross-linked sodium hyaluronate. This extremely nourishing blend used for the skin of face, neck and neckline smooths out wrinkles. Also, all rednesses are reduced. Belotero Revive is a real youth booster that will leave your skin deeply moisturized.

Belotero Revive provides a natural effect that is resistant to pressure or dents. The developed formula and its method of integration with the skin ensure that the product remains at the injection point and does not move by itself.

Belotero Revive is ideal for mature skin that has lost its volume.

What are the indications for Belotero Revive treatment?

Belotero Revive is indicated for:

  • restoring the volume of mature skin
  • reduction of redness
  • deep skin hydration
  • giving firmness and shine
  • reduction of wrinkles

Belotero Revive should be used on mature skin in areas such as:

  • face
  • neck
  • neckline
  • the back of the hand

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