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Ellanse S

2 x 1ml prefilled syringe


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What is Ellanse S?

Ellanse S is an innovative product from the family of biostimulators, i.e. substances that stimulate the body to the synthesis of new collagen. This preparation constitutes a combination of carboxymethyl cellulose (70% of the product) and equally suspended polycaprolactone particles (30% of the product). The former is responsible for an immediate tissue filling effect, the latter constitutes its compliment, creating at the same time a specific skeleton for the grid composed of a high-quality type I collagen. The combination of these two ingredients makes out of Ellanse S not only a defects-filling preparation, but also a strongly rejuvenating product. 


Ellanse S restores the optimal firmness and density of the skin, fills out wrinkles and contributes to a volumetric restoration of the face. The total integration of the preparation with the extracellular matrix makes it imperceptible. This in turn translates into extremely natural effects of the treatment. Ellanse is biodegradable in 100% thanks to which no allergic reaction occurs once the preparation is applied.


Ellanse S preparation should be used in case of:


  • chicken claws,
  • droopy mouth corners,
  • deepened marionette lines,
  • smoker wrinkles,
  • vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead,
  • tear trough,
  • small scars (including post acne marks),
  • reduced skin firmness,
  • improvement of the face oval.


Contraindications to apply the preparations are above all:


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period,
  • autoimmunological diseases,
  • active viral and bacterial infections,
  • diabetes,
  • cancerous diseases,
  • administration of blood thinners.


The preparation is applied locally with the use of a needle or a cannula. The filling effect is visible right away after the treatment. A partial disappearance of the achieved density takes place after about a month from the treatment. It is caused by the decomposition of the carboxymethyl cellulose solution. Next months are a time in which a gradual collagen synthesis occurs. This, in turn, translates into restoration of lost volume and major improvement of the skin’s quality. The effects after the application of Ellanse S lasts for more or less one year. 


After the treatment, one should:


  • avoid saunas, solariums and an excessive exposure to the sun for at least two weeks,
  • not touch injection places,
  • in the case of exposure to the sun, apply strong filter creams.


In most cases, after a treatment with the use of Ellanse S, the patient can return to everyday activities without the need of convalescence. Among certain patients, an oedema, a redness or a bruise can appear in the place where the preparation was applied.

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