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What Is Neauvia Organic Intense Lips?

Neauvia Intense Lips is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that utilises Smart Xross Linking Technology. This innovative technology gives the filler volumising capacity for lip augmentation while maintaining softness and flexibility due to its medium hardness and cohesivity. This results in a natural look and feel. 

This biodegradable medical preparation is designed for intradermal injection to seamlessly increase lip volume, treat oral commissure and correct moderate nasolabial folds.

What Is Neauvia Organic Intense Lips Used for?

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips is suitable for the augmentation, contouring, and revitalisation of lips, providing optimal results in the delicate lip area. Neauvia Organic Intense Lips enhances elasticity, ensuring a natural touch and feel.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Neauvia Organic Intense Lips? 

MatexLab produces Neauvia as part of its pharmaceutical offerings.

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips Main Ingredients?

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips filler contains: 

  • 24 mg/ml HA, cross-linked with PEG
  • Glycine and L-Proline – amino acids that are the main ingredients of collagen

Is Neauvia Organic Intense Lips Safe? 

Intense Lips users can be sure of its highest quality thanks to the usage of the safest materials in the production process (BSHA, PEG), offering extraordinary properties of the hydrogel.

Package Contains

This product contains 1 pre-filled syringe of 1ml filler. 

Benefits and Results of Using Neauvia Organic Intense Lips

  • Ideal HA concentration for natural results and patient comfort
  • Premium raw materials: PEG and BSHA (hyaluronic acid from Bacillus subtilis)
  • Three-dimensional structure with IPN technology
  • Slow biodegradation for long-lasting results

How Long Does Neauvia Organic Intense Lips Last?

The results of Neauvia Organic Intense Lips typically last for approximately 12 months, with some clients seeing the effects last up to 15 months. After that period, clients will need to schedule a touch-up in order to maintain their desired appearance.

Potential Side Effects of Neauvia Organic Intense Lips

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips demonstrates a high safety profile, with reportedly rare adverse effects that include allergic reactions, skin infections, injection site irritation, and bruising – all of which typically resolve within a few days.

Contraindications for the Treatment

Avoid using Neauvia Organic Intense Lips on clients who have: 

  • Allergies to filler ingredients 
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Chronic kidney failure 
  • Any cardiovascular conditions 
  • Pregnancy

Who Can Buy Neauvia Organic Intense Lips & Where to Get It?

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips is exclusively available to licensed medical professionals seeking advanced filler solutions. Buy Neauvia Organic Intense Lips on NuDerma Supply for reliable online access, featuring exclusive offers and competitive wholesale pricing.

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