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Nucleofill Medium Plus Hair

1 x 2ml sterile syringe


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Nucleofill Medium Plus Hair is a biostructuring gel based on ingredients of natural origin, known for its exceptional effectiveness in combating hair loss and treating alopecia, also an androgenic type.

The indications for the use of Nucleofill Medium Plus Hair are:

  • hair thinning of the scalp, eyebrows, and beard, especially those related to hormones;
  • excessive hair loss after pregnancy:
  • the initial stages of androgenic and telogen alopecia

and preparation for hair transplant, as a comprehensive support.

The unique effects are possible thanks to the improvement of the trophism of the hair follicle through the use of polynucleotides of medium molecular weight and high density.

They allow them to act at the receptor level, increasing their enzymatic activity. They also condition the creation of new vessels, and thus – improving the blood supply to the scalp and increasing the access of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. An additional effect is the permanent hydration of the scalp and the reduction of radical activity (anti-radical effect).

The product is intended for use by trained professionals only.

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