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Revanesse Ultra with Lidocaine

2×1.2ml prefilled syringes


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Revanesse® Ultra is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler. The thick gel formula gives longer-lasting results. Revanesse® Ultra is intended for the treatment of volume loss of cheeks, deep skin folds, lines, and wrinkles. It hydrates and smooths the skin while stimulating collagen production. The concentrated Revanesse® Ultra formula is recommended for volume loss, pronounced smile lines and marionette lines and is also suitable for chin and nose augmentation. It restores volume for a more youthful appearance.


Use REVANESSE® ULTRA LIDOCAINE 1.2ML if you want to:

  • restore fullness to cheeks
  • treat deep, pronounced lines and folds
  • fill in severe smile lines
  • eliminate marionette lines
  • augment chin or nose
  • enjoy long-lasting effects of a more youthful appearance

Individual results vary due to age, target area, skin condition, and lifestyle.



2 Syringes x 1.2ml per pack of purified hyaluronic acid

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