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Choosing the Right Filler: Ellanse vs Profhilo

This article is aimed at healthcare professionals in the UK to guide them in selecting the most suitable filler for their patient’s needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and satisfaction.

Choosing the right treatment between Ellanse and Profhilo is essential for achieving optimal aesthetic enhancement. Whether aiming for long-lasting volume or quick skin texture improvement, selecting the appropriate filler can significantly impact overall satisfaction and the longevity of results.

The decision between these two fillers significantly affects the treatment approach and the duration of results, especially when considering factors such as wholesale purchases or comparisons with other fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse.

Both options promise natural-looking enhancements without the need for surgery, but it’s crucial to consider safety and potential side effects, tailoring the choice to fit each patient’s specific needs. Delving deeper into their composition and ingredients can provide further insight for informed decision-making.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose Ellanse to unveil natural, long-lasting volume and wrinkle reduction with collagen stimulation, offering up to four years of stunning results.
  • Profhilo provides deep hydration and enhances skin texture swiftly with its hyaluronic acid base, providing quick results lasting 6-9 months.
  • Experience minimal side effects with both options, but ensure optimal results with careful patient selection. Tailor your choice to the desired outcome, treatment area, and individual needs and preferences for a truly personalised enhancement journey.

Understanding Ellanse and Profhilo: Which is the RIGHT Option?

If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural beauty, discover the transformative power of Profhilo and Ellanse, two revolutionary treatments that cater to different skincare needs.


  • Made from polycaprolactone (PCL).
  • Stimulates collagen production for long-lasting results.
  • Great for creating volume and addressing deeper lines.
  • Offers semi-permanent effects.


  • Uses hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin.
  • Provides a quick boost for a dewy and fresh appearance.
  • Ideal for improving overall skin texture on the face and neck.

Choose Ellanse for lasting volume and collagen growth, and Profhilo for immediate hydration and overall skin rejuvenation.

Treatment Areas and Indications

The choice between these fillers depends on the desired changes and specific facial areas to be treated.

Ellanse is effective for immediate fixes and long-term skin health improvement, often chosen by doctors for deeper wrinkles and areas needing volume. It suits patients seeking quick results with lasting benefits.

Profhilo, on the other hand, is ideal for the entire face as it targets tissue remodelling and skin laxity, uniquely injected into five main facial areas to refresh and tighten the skin. It is better for those aiming to enhance overall facial texture with a less invasive approach.

Safety Profile and Potential Risks

Both Ellanse and Profhilo are known for delivering natural-looking results and have proven to be safe with some common side effects.

Ellanse may cause redness, swelling, bruising, pain, bleeding, and numbness at the injection sites, though severe reactions are rare. Profhilo shares similar risks, including redness, swelling, and tenderness near the injection areas.

Despite their general safety, there is a small chance of long-term or permanent complications with any soft tissue filler.

Results, Customer Satisfaction Rates, and Longevity of Results

These products both deliver impressive results. Ellanse boasts a 90% satisfaction rate at one year, with effects lasting up to four years, reducing the need for frequent appointments and providing sustained improvement. This long-lasting impact often leads to repeat treatments and recommendations.

Profhilo, with its six-month treatment cycle, offers a flexible option for those seeking shorter-term commitment or wanting to try fillers without long-term changes. This adaptability can enhance satisfaction by allowing patients to adjust their treatment plans as their needs evolve.

Both treatments have unique benefits that can lead to high patient satisfaction when chosen wisely based on individual goals and expectations.


Choosing the right filler ultimately depends on your specific needs and aesthetic goals. Consider what your patients desire—whether it’s enhanced contour and structure or luminous, dewy skin. This thoughtful choice ensures the best outcomes. Both fillers play a vital role in enhancing beauty, and understanding their unique features will help you achieve stunning, personalised results.


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