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Stylage XL vs XXL: Understanding the Differences

Stylage XL vs XXL

This article provides an in-depth analysis of Stylage XL vs XXL, two distinct formulations within the Stylage filler range. It aims to equip medical professionals with comprehensive insights into the differences in composition, indications, and clinical applications of Stylage XL and XXL to facilitate informed decision-making in aesthetic practice.

Key Takeaways

  • Stylage XL has more hyaluronic acid (26 mg/g) than Stylage XXL (21 mg/g), making it better for deeper skin layers and big changes in face shape.
  • The presence of lidocaine in Stylage XL means injections are less painful, which might be a deciding factor for some patients.
  • While both fillers last around 12 months or more, Stylage XXL is best suited for adding volume to cheeks, chin, and temples due to its viscosity.
  • Knowing the specific needs of the patient’s skin, such as firmness loss or deep wrinkles, helps decide whether to use Stylage XL or XXL

Introduction to Stylage Fillers

Stylage fillers, developed by Vivacy, are a renowned range of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers designed to address various aesthetic concerns. They are known for their safety, efficacy, and natural-looking results. Stylage fillers are available in different formulations, each tailored to specific treatment areas and patient needs.

Choosing between Stylage XL and XXL can be tricky for medical professionals. One key fact is that both are popular for adding volume in areas like cheeks and chin but differ in hyaluronic acid concentration.

This article will help you understand these differences, aiding in better choice-making.

For those wanting to buy Stylage fillers wholesale or see Stylage hydro before and after effects, understanding these products is crucial.

Composition Variations

Grasping the differences between Stylage XL and XXL is key. Stylage XL boasts a higher hyaluronic acid concentration at 26 mg/g compared with Stylage XXL’s 21 mg/g.

This difference matters because it affects how each filler works in the skin.

Another point to note is that Stylage XL includes lidocaine—making the treatment more comfortable for patients—while Stylage XXL does not. The presence or absence of lidocaine can influence a professional’s choice depending on patient sensitivity and expected comfort levels during application.

Differences in Hyaluronic Acid Concentration

Stylage XL boasts a hyaluronic acid concentration of 26 mg/g, setting it apart from Stylage XXL which contains a lesser amount of 21 mg/g. This difference plays a crucial role in their application and effectiveness.

With more hyaluronic acid, Stylage XL brings more volume to the skin, making it ideal for deeper wrinkles and larger areas needing enhancement. On the other hand, Stylage XXL’s slightly lower concentration suits subtle refinements and treatments in less dense areas.

This variation dictates how each product works on different skin types and conditions. Moving onto varied crosslinking technologies next….

Varied Crosslinking Technologies

Crosslinking technology in Stylage fillers, such as XL and XXL, plays a key role. Different techniques are used to link hyaluronic acid chains together. This affects how the filler works under your skin.

For example, Stylage Bi-SOFT XXL uses an advanced method for deeper wrinkles and adding volume to the face.

These technologies also help the product last longer after injection and give more natural-looking results. The choice between XL and XXL can depend on what area of the face needs treatment and the desired outcome for firmness and elasticity restoration due to aging effects.

Impact on Viscosity and Elasticity

The different crosslinking technologies in Stylage XL and XXL play a crucial role in their viscosity and elasticity. These properties are key to how each filler behaves once injected into the skin.

Stylage XL, with its higher hyaluronic acid concentration of 26 mg/g, tends to be thicker and more robust. This makes it ideal for creating volume and sculpting facial features.

On the other hand, Stylage XXL has a slightly lower concentration of hyaluronic acid at 21 mg/g. Its formulation allows it to spread more easily under the skin. This property is excellent for covering larger areas smoothly without creating unevenness.

The choice between Stylage XL and XXL depends on the specific needs of the patient’s skin – whether they need precise contouring or broad volume enhancement.

Indications and Clinical Applications

Stylage XL shines in its ability to fill cheeks, shape the face, and smooth out deep lines like those around the mouth. It’s a go-to for creating more defined facial contours and tackling signs of aging that are just starting to show.

On the other hand, Stylage XXL steps it up by addressing more severe volume loss in areas such as cheeks, chin, and temples. It’s perfect for patients looking for significant changes in their facial structure, adding volume where time has taken its toll.

Both products cater to different needs based on how much change someone is seeking. Whether it’s sculpting the face with precision using Stylage XL or restoring youthful fullness with Stylage XXL, these fillers have clear roles in aesthetic medicine.

They offer doctors versatile tools to tailor treatments specifically to what each patient needs – from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations.

Specific Treatment Areas for Stylage XL

Moving from the broad discussion on indications and clinical applications, we shift focus to where Stylage XL really shines. This filler plays a key role in adding volume to cheeks, chin, and temples.

It finds its way deep into the dermis or even under the skin, thanks to certain needle sizes used during injection. With an impressive stay of about 12 months or more, it offers lasting changes for those areas needing a bit more fullness.

Doctors choose Stylage XL when their patients want to see real differences without frequent touch-ups. Adding that much-needed lift can dramatically improve facial contours. This makes Stylage XL not just a choice but a preference for targeted enhancements in specific parts of the face.

Targeted Uses for Stylage XXL

Stylage XXL helps in volumetric facial modelling. It restores lost volume in the cheek, chin, and temple areas. This filler works well for more defined facial features. Especially, it adds volume to cheeks and chins.

Stylage XXL deeply moisturises tissues and stimulates new fibroblast production.

Patient Considerations

Choosing the right Stylage filler, XL or XXL, depends on the patient’s skin type and condition. For instance, Stylage XL includes lidocaine which can make the injection process less painful.

This detail might make it a better option for patients worried about discomfort. On the other hand, Stylage XXL is great for adding volume to facial areas, making it suitable for those looking to address aging-related firmness loss.

Skin Types and Conditions Suitable for Each Formulation

Stylage XL works well for people with skin showing signs of ageing like deep lines and less fullness in the cheeks. It helps by making these areas look fuller and more natural. This formulation is a good pick for those needing support in facial contours or dealing with deep folds next to their mouth.

On the other hand, Stylage XXL suits individuals aiming to add more volume across larger face areas such as cheeks, chin, and temples. It’s especially helpful for skins that have lost their plumpness due to aging or other reasons.

This filler gives a significant lift and shape, making it ideal for creating a balanced and youthful appearance.

Potential Side Effects and Contraindications

Patients might face side effects like redness, swelling, pain, itching, and discoloration where the product was injected. These reactions are common but important to watch for. More serious issues can happen too – nodules, abscesses, and granulomas could form at the injection sites.

If these occur, they need quick attention.

Contraindications are situations where Stylage XL and XXL shouldn’t be used. People allergic to any parts of these fillers must avoid them. The same goes for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Also, patients with cancer, epilepsy or blood clotting issues should not use these products. It’s vital for patient safety to check all this before treatment.

Knowing potential risks and when not to use Stylage XL and XXL helps ensure treatments are safe and right for each patient.


Understanding Stylage XL and XXL helps choose the right treatment for each patient. Each has its unique place in aesthetic care, with different concentrations of hyaluronic acid and specific uses.Knowing these differences means better results and happier patients. So, getting to grips with what sets them apart is key for any aesthetic practice aiming for top-notch outcomes.


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